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1. Building Restoration

The restoration and rehabilitation of a building encompasses various work processes. Among which we highlight: the washing and pickling of the walls to be treated with high pressure water machines, controlled sandblasting, etc … The demolition of the walls and floors with signs of detachment. Subsequent curative and preventive treatment of the reinforcements and surfaces of the detached areas for subsequent reconstruction with structural mortars R4. Application of anchoring fixtures and consolidating products of the supports prior to the application of the paint. Application of suitable paints for each support. The paint or coating is one of the essential elements of a building and must be both impermeable to water, as well as thermally and acoustically insulated from the outside. The continuous exposure to the weather with the action of rain, sun, frost and pollution, makes this type of surfaces deteriorate very easily. In Rodríguez Ros we take into account these factors and select the ideal covering for each type of surface, in order to guarantee not only the decorative and aesthetic appearance of the building, but also the total protection of the walls. We apply Sikacolor, Sikagard and Sikaguard range coatings that offer the following characteristics: No waterproof and water vapor permeable allowing the support to breathe. Durable, with great resistance to aging and weathering. High covering power and ability to maintain color. They are resistant to alkalis and have a high resistance to the diffusion of CO2, reducing the speed of carbonation of concrete. They contain substances that prevent the formation of algae and other microorganisms (Anti mold).