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Paradise Building. First National Prize Best Work Sika 2013

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ADDRESS: Fuengirola
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Paradise Building




Rehabilitation of a building on the Costa del Sol located in the town of Fuengirola with a total of 3,524 m² proceeding to the stripping with propane gas torch of the lining of silicon granules and coating of the vertical and horizontal faces of the building. Given the serious state of degradation of the slabs of the walls and the slabs of the building as a whole given the proximity to the sea and the absence of waterproofing on the terraces, the application of SIKA MONOTOP 910 has been chosen for the treatment of the reinforcement of the concrete and the application of SIKA MONOTOP 612 and 620 repair mortars R3.

Application of SIKAFLEX 11 FC in expansion joints and joints with aluminium closures and windows as the building contains a large number of these and by pickling the coating of silicon granules the joints between these closures and the walls are very deteriorated and exposed. SIKAFLEX 11 FC has also been used to seal pieces of stone on walls.

Application of smooth coating SIKA COLOR PLUS as a primer to consolidate the support and provide a better adhesion to this rough coating due to its consistency and microns of thickness. Application of SIKA FILLER 123 fibres on small micro fissures and shrinkage fissures of the initial mortar which can be seen when applying the primer coating and which could cause the reduction of the rough coating to be applied.

Final application of the SIKA COLOR PLUS rough coating in “chopped” texture with a pore 3 roller that gives the facing a greater thickness and better protection from external atmospheric agents, as well as a superior aesthetics of the fuengirola building by concealing the flaws that the cementitious mortar renderings have and that have been exposed with the removal of the previous coating of siliceous granules.

(977 m2) Application of three coats of SIKAFILL waterproofing on a bituminous roof surface.

(2,184 m2) Application of SIKAGUARD 703 W water-repellent on vertical faces of exposed brick.