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Poseidón Building

WORK: Building Poseidón. 2007
ADDRESS: Fuengirola
ADMINISTRATION: Rodrigo Jodar Administraciones




Restoration and painting of the Poseidon building located in Fuengirola. First of all, the antique coating of the vertical and horizontal faces of the building was stripped with a three-phase 300 bar pressure washer. Demolition of the forged fronts of the terraces. Cleaning of the rust of the concrete reinforcement. Application of SIKA MONOTOP 910 as an anti-corrosion treatment for the concrete reinforcement and as a bonding bridge. Application of structural mortars R4 SIKAMONOTOP 412. Application of fixative of anchorage and two layers of smooth coating that provides to the facing a protection of the external atmospheric agents. Sealing by confinement of the planters to prevent water from entering the interior of these and future filtrations of water inside them with the consequent pathologies that could be caused.