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Apartments La Jabega

WORK: Apartment La Jabega
ADDRESS: Fuengirola
PROMOTER: Apartamentos La Jabega

Apartments La Jabega




Rehabilitation of the building with the following procedure: Decapado with torch of the covering of granules silicios of the vertical faces of the Apartments La Jabega located in Fuengirola. Given the serious state of degradation of the plastering of the walls and floors of the building as a whole, the application of SIKA TOP 50 bonding resins, SIKA MONOTOP 610 for the treatment of the concrete rods and SIKA MONOTOP 412 as repair mortars has been chosen.

Final application of the smooth Emucril 10 coating that provides the facing with greater protection from external atmospheric agents, as well as superior aesthetics of the building by concealing the flaws that cementitious mortar renderings have and that have been exposed with the removal of the previous coating of siliceous granules.