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Rondina Building

WORK: Rondina Building. 2016
ADDRESS: Fuengirola
ADMINISTRATION: Asesoramiento y Gestión

Rondina Building


Application of a liquid polyurethane membrane waterproofing system adhered to the SIKALASTIC 612 support (2 – 2.3 mm). Composed by: SIKAFLOOR 161 + SIKALASTIC 612. Complies with DITE ETAG 005. On the balconies of the Rondina building.

Phase 1: Check with TRAMEX the humidity of the support (cannot exceed 4%) and the dew point according to the technical specifications of the product.

Phase 2: Application of SIKAFLOOR 161 primer (consumption 0.5 Kg/m2) which is a 2-component epoxy resin, low viscosity and free of solvents. Completely solid epoxy composition according to the test method of cured Deutche Bauchemie.

Phase 3: Application of SIKALASTIC 612 polyurethane continuous liquid membrane as a base layer for waterproofing roofs in thickness 1.42 Kg/m2.

Phase 4: Finally, application of SIKALASTIC 612 continuous liquid polyurethane membrane as a sealing layer for waterproofing roofs, in thickness 1.42 Kg/m2 sandblasted to saturation with SIKADUR 510 sands.

Flooring: Installation of approved non-slip flooring, glued with porcelain cement glue.

Later extension of painting of enamel anti rust in railings of the balconies. After removing the rust from the railings with a steel spike grinder and sandpaper.