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Industrial waterproofing

The best solution for effective protection against water ingress is industrial waterproofing.

Why is it important to have good waterproofing?

Before undertaking any work involving the roofs of industrial premises, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing. Perhaps it has happened to you that from one day to the next leaks and filtrations appear that gradually reduce the useful life of the structure, the aim being that this does not happen again.

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The protection of the material being produced is important, but it is more important to keep your workers safe. If they do not work in stable safety conditions the level of production will be reduced and in the short term you will feel it economically.

When a waterproofing job is carried out in good conditions you will notice it immediately because it does not go unnoticed. In a short time you will see that it is like a life insurance for the building and the whole structure will be completely fixed, without humidity, without leaks, without any more problems.

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What is the problem with not waterproofing?

When a work area is not waterproofed, various problems can arise, both for the workers and for the structure itself, the most common being the following:


No one likes to see, when they enter the building, leaks or unsightly marks that make them think that the work area is not being looked after properly.



When water is filtered and no solution is found, it is normal for fungus to appear inside the ship over time, producing respiratory problems in the workers.



These problems are not visible, but they are there. They contribute to rusting of the armour or the entry of insects.


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