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La Residencia Building

WORK: building the residence. 2009
ADDRESS: Marbella
ADMINISTRATION: José Conejo Administraciones

Façade painting in Marbella




Rehabilitation of the building with the following procedure: Pickling of the coating with pressurised water machine of the vertical and horizontal faces of the La Residencia building located in Marbella. Given the serious state of degradation of the plastering of the walls and slabs of the building as a whole, the application of SIKA TOP 50 bonding resins, SIKA MONOTOP 610 for the treatment of the concrete rod and SIKA MONOTOP 412 as repair mortars has been chosen.

Application of SIKA FILLER 123 fibres on small micro fissures and shrinkage fissures of the initial mortar which can be seen when applying the primer coating and which could cause the reduction of the rough coating to be applied.

Final application of the coating