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Mimosas Golf Complex Cabopino Phase 3

WORK: Mimosas Golf de Cabopino Fase 3
ADDRESS: Cabopino




Restoration and painting of the Mimosas Golf Complex of Cabopino phase 3 located in Cabopino, proceeding first to the washing with pressurized water with a three-phase hydrocleaner of 300 bar pressure of the vertical and horizontal faces of the complex. Masonry repair. Application of SIKA HYFLEX 250 FACADE in expansion joints. Application of SIKA FILLER 123 fibres on small micro fissures and shrinkage fissures of the initial mortar. Application of fixative of anchorage and two layers of smooth coating REVETON COTEFILM NG of high elasticity that provides to the facing a protection of the external atmospheric agents.

Waterproofing of attic terraces by means of a liquid polyurethane membrane waterproofing system adhered to the SIKALASTIC support Composed of: SIKALASTIC 560 + SIKALASTIC 612.

Phase 1: Verification with TRAMEX of the humidity of the support (cannot exceed 4%) and the dew point according to the technical specifications of the product.

Phase 2: Application of SIKALASTIC 560 primer

Phase 3: Application of continuous liquid polyurethane membrane SIKALASTIC 612

Phase 4: Finally, apply saturated sand with SIKADUR 510 sands.

Flooring: Installation of approved non-slip flooring, glued with porcelain cement glue.