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Skylight Protection Mesh

    In Rodriguez Ros you will find high quality permanent skylight protection systems adapted to your needs. We have metal nets for the permanent protection of translucent rooflights on industrial roofs, tested and tested to ensure success in the event of a fall.

    With a quick and easy assembly, our galvanised and plastic-coated protective nets will protect users from falls in aeconomic and reliable way.

    Our Pasini fall arrest nets for skylights.

    Guarantee the safety of your workers with our wire mesh for skylights by Pasini. You will have an integral system that includes fixing, sealing and protection elements to last over time. In addition, they comply with the highest quality and safety standards and have been tested at 1200J.

    UNE EN 15057: Strength and durability standards.
    ● UNIE EN 1873: Specifications for skylights.
    ● UNE EN ISO 9227: Corrosion tests for metallic materials.
    EN 14963: Requirements for roof systems.

    With our Pasini fall arrest nets, you ensure a safer environment for everyone, increasing the safety of workers and preventing accidents when stepping on skylights. The rectangular netting with quadruple thread on the longitudinal extremities guarantees greater resistance, being ideal for protecting translucent panels on profiled sheet and sandwich panel roofs.

    Features of the metal mesh for skylight protection.

    Modelo: SAFETY NET HI-VIS 600-1200J

    Description: This netting features an electro-welded rectangular structure, made of 2 mm thick galvanised steel wire, and additionally coated with a 1 mm thick plastic material layer in yellow colour, thus offering corrosion durability, optimal resistance for outdoor applications and high visibility warning of danger.

    Dimensions: The mesh cells measure 750 x 500 mm, providing effective and secure coverage.

    Clamping System: Includes clamps made of stainless steel combined with neoprene, secured by rivets, to guarantee afirm and stable fixing. .

    Additional Reinforcements: The side edges of the mesh are reinforced with a quadruple thread, significantly increasing thestrength and durability of the whole.

    Dimensions Available: It is available in standard widths from 1.20 m to 1.30 m, although we can provide custom sizes on request.

    Length: The nets are supplied in 25 metre rolls, making them easy to handle, transport and install whatever your project.

    Installation: This system is designed to be installed directly on translucent surfaces, although an alternative model suitable for installation underneath is also available.

    These specifications underline the versatility and high quality of the SAFETY NET HI-VIS 600-1200J model, designed to meet safety requirements in outdoor environments, guaranteeing effective and long-lasting protection.

    Why trust Rodriguez Ros?

    Experience and Reliability

    With a proven track record in the global market, LUX-top has the expertise to provide fall protection nets for skylights.

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    Our technicians will join your project with their tools and experience to make your installation a success and find a solution to your problems.

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    We guarantee first-class products and services for customer satisfaction, maintaining high quality standards at every stage of the process.

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    We keep abreast of the latest innovations and advances in the sector to offer advanced solutions at the forefront of technology, always in the pursuit of greater safety for your workers.