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Venus building in Fuengirola

WORK: Venus Building
ADDRESS: Fuengirola


  1. Installation of hanging scaffolding and collective and individual protection equipment.
  2. Demolition of mechanically detached wall areas.
  3. Washing and paint stripping with hydrocleaner.
  4. Repair of detached concrete supports with Simanonotop 910 and Sikamonotop 412 S
  5. Sealing the joints between the walls and the window seals or SikaBoom + Sikahyflex 250 facade.
  6. Covering flower pots with granite stones bonded with SikaCeram 201 and sealed with Sikahyflex 250 facade.
  7. Filling of small movement cracks with Sikawall 303 fibers.
  8. Priming with Sikawall 08 fixative.
  9. Application of two coats of waterproofing paint Sika Color 671 W in 2 colours.
  10. Waterproofing of sloping roofs with Sikafill 200 Fibers.