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Hotel Atalaya Park

WORK: Hotel Atalaya Park. 2014
ADDRESS: Marbella
PROMOTER: Hotel Atalaya Park

Hotel Atalaya Park




Restoration of the façade of the Hotel Atalaya Park with Sika systems:

– Installation of fixator hanging scaffolds
– Pickling with water projection of 300 bars of pressure.
– Demolition of unstable faces.
– Treatment of sikamonotop 910 concrete reinforcement
– Application of structural repair mortar R4 sikamonotop 412
– Demolition of terraces and formation of slopes with mortar
– Waterproofing of terraces with sikalastic system of liquid polyurethane membrane continuous and adhered to support.
– Installation of non-slip flooring
– Application of fixative of anchorage cotefilm primer of reveton, on vertical and horizontal paraments.
– Application of reveton coating on vertical and horizontal walls.
– Removal of deteriorated glass and replacement with new glass