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Building Torre San Francisco

WORK: Edificio Torre san Francisco
ADDRESS: Benalmadena Costa

Building Torre San Francisco


Chipping of removable areas: Cleaning of the walls with clear signs of detachment by mechanical action.

High pressure washing-de-scaling: General washing-de-scaling of the walls of the work, in order to eliminate the powdery parts, caleadas, with mold and adhered environmental pollution and other external agents that could cause the fall of the coating to apply, by means of projection of water with three-phase machine to 300 Baras of pressure on the walls (300 kilos x centimeter square).

Treatment of degraded concrete: Previous elimination of portions of unstable walls or with signs of detachment and washing with a hydrocleaner for the total elimination of grit or dust that resists adherence to the renovation material. Elimination of rod rust by mechanical brushing with a steel barb grinder, and subsequent protection of the iron by applying curative, preventive and anti-carbonation bonding bridge SIKA MONOTOP 910. Plastering of the wall applying structural repair mortar R-4 SIKA MONOTOP 412 SFG with corrosion inhibitor.

Live microcracks (or cracks with great movement): Cleaning and opening of the cracks by scraping (prior elimination of residues by spraying water under pressure). Consolidation of the cracks by means of fixative application and subsequent application of putties with SIKAFILLER 123 incorporated glass fibres.

Treatment for expansion joints:
Cleaning of existing joints: Prior cleaning of the joints, removal of old filler material and bottoms of existing joints.
Sealing of the joint bottom: Filling of the bottom with a closed cell PE profile calibrated 40 mm. Non-adhesive to sealant.
Primer and sealant: based on SIKAPRIMER 1 and SIKAFLEX 2HP single-component PU adhesive putty with excellent adhesion to porous materials and an elongation at break of 400 %.

Application of special sealant primer on walls: Application of aqueous consolidating primer, prior to the application of coating on vertical and horizontal walls.
Application of coating: The coating to apply in question, is a smooth painting from special dispersions of high technology. It is waterproof, water-repellent and at the same time breathable (microporous), with excellent hardness, adherence and resistance to extreme atmospheric agents. High resistance to alkalinity, etc.