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    Waterproofing Services /RODRÍGUEZ ROS.

    Do you need a company that specialises in waterproofing in Mijas? For any related work in the area, you can rely on Rodríguez Ros. Our 35 years of experience will help you realise that we are the best option for you.

    We offer you a complete waterproofing service that includes the restoration of different spaces, such as a terrace, a swimming pool, the façade of a building, among other elements.

    Do you need quality waterproofing services in Mijas?


    Our commitment is to you and to our work. To guarantee that everything will go well, we assure you that we only work with high quality materials from manufacturers who, like us, are a benchmark in the market. For example, we work actively with the brand Sikawhich we are sure you know.

    As waterproofing company in Malaga, we have a specialised service in waterproofing, we offer services and tasks such as…


    At Rodríguez Ros, we have a professional team specialised in waterproofing works in the province. We use the highest quality materials, such as SIKA products, to guarantee optimum results in every project. Contact us and we will come to your location, determine the type of waterproofing you are looking for, and start managing the service as soon as possible.

    We stand out for carrying out our waterproofing works in:

    Why should you trust our waterproofing services in Mijas?

    Our waterproofing service is prepared to adapt to any need the client may have. Just leave it in our hands. We will go to the place where you are, we will study what the problem is and we will offer you an interesting series of solutions so that, once you give us the “ok”, we can start working immediately.

    We travel throughout the entire municipality of Mijas and Malaga. Regardless of where the problem is, you can count on our team to give you a good solution.

    In Rodríguez Ros we take care of giving you the most modern solutions, at a reasonable price. For example, we work with the liquid membrane with MTC technology, very interesting when it comes to waterproofing garden areas, among other spaces.

    Frequently asked questions about waterproofing

    waterproofing per square metre can fluctuate due to several elements, such as the nature of the surface, the materials used, the difficulty of the work and the geographical location.

    SIKA is a leading manufacturer of products and materials for the construction industry. Their focus on research and development has resulted in the creation of innovative products that are stronger, more durable and safer. They use high quality materials to ensure the optimum performance of their products in a wide range of construction applications.

    Roofing felt can present medium to long term waterproofing problems due to its behaviour with temperature changes. This makes it less ideal in terms of quality and durability. At Rodríguez Ros, for waterproofing tasks in Torremolinos, we opt for higher quality and more durable products, such as the MTC SIKA liquid polyurethane membrane. This professional solution offers superior results compared to asphalt fabric, ensuring greater efficiency and resistance over time.

    Sikalastic is a liquid membrane made from polyurethane. This liquid membrane system with MTC (Multi-Tasking Coating) technology offers exceptional durability and high strength. It is designed to provide professional results in a variety of waterproofing applications.

    Sikalastic-601 BC Sikalastic-621 TC Sika Reemat Premium SikaConcrete Primer Sika Reemat Standard

    The product you describe is a PVC membrane designed to withstand high temperatures and be fire resistant, making it ideal for applications in areas exposed to extreme conditions. With a 10-year warranty, it provides peace of mind in terms of long-term durability and performance. Here are some of the most important products we use for waterproofing in Torremolinos and throughout Malaga

    The CAR PARK DECK system by Rodríguez Ros represents a complete solution for the waterproofing of pavements intended for vehicular traffic. Specifically designed to provide an effective barrier against water infiltration, this system ensures the durability and resistance of the pavement over time.

    This polyolefin membrane is exceptionally tough and outlasts the durability of PVC, which backs up its minimum 20-year warranty. Its outstanding fire resistance is one of its outstanding features. In addition, its proper use enables significant energy savings, making it an ideal choice for roof waterproofing.