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Polyurethane membrane or roofing felt for waterproofing?

Waterproofing Material

When planning a waterproofing work, one of the most commonly used materials up to that time was the famous roofing felt; a kind of felt saturated with asphalt and other materials such as asbestos or fibreglass.

Therefore, due to the lack of knowledge of products of higher quality and durability, we comment on the benefits of the liquid polyurethane membrane, a professional material.

In Rodríguez Ros we offer a professional waterproofing service roofs, waterproofing of facades, terraces…

Disadvantages of roofing felt

  • Over time, the asphalt membrane showed a palpable deterioration which considerably affected the waterproofing.
  • It loses properties and hardens to the point of cracking due to temperature changes.
  • Short-term imperfections and lack of waterproofing. Creating problems of leaks and dampness in the interior.

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Advantages of the Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

In Rodríguez Ros, a company specialised in rehabilitation and building restoration, we use quality products such as the SIKA liquid membrane. Its advantages are:

  • The main advantages are longer life and superior quality.
  • The most appropriate option for a correct waterproofing of terraces, façades and floors.
  • Sika Liquid Membrane is a material specially designed to ensure proper waterproofing of any construction.
  • This liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane properly seals surfaces.
  • Safety and medium and long-term waterproofing.
  • The passage of time water and humidity do not affect the treated areas.

Budget Waterproofing with Membrane

Waterproofing in Andalusia

In areas where professional waterproofing is required, such as Andalusia, which, due to the weather conditions, suffers a special deterioration of its buildings, both due to the incessant sun and the heavy seasonal rains, it is advisable to rely on professional companies.

In Rodríguez Ros, as an expert company in waterproofing in Málaga and Andalusia, we carry out façade rehabilitation tasks with appropriate materials, such as Sika polyurethane membrane.

Materials that ensure a correct integral waterproofing of the treated area, in order to obtain a professional roof waterproofing (of any of the roof waterproofing types) or the sealing of such delicate areas in a construction, such as its terraces or façades.

We also offer a security system installation service.