The waterproofing of a cistern

The waterproofing of a cistern

The cisterns are large deposits that are normally located underground. They are used for collecting and collecting water, especially that which comes to us from the rain.

The waterproofing of a tank is a service that is widely contracted to remove the dirt from these places, disinfect them and treat them with waterproofing products, so that the result is optimal, and at the same time comply with the regulatory health standards.

Company specialized in waterproofing of cisterns

We are a company specialized in waterproofing in Malaga, taking care of this service with the systems described below.

Types of products for waterproofing a tank

With prefabricated laminates


We are talking about laminates that are made of PVC or TPC with special profiles for the area of the tops. This type of waterproofing for cisterns is combined with hydraulic mortars with great care, so that a total watertightness is achieved so that it will last a long time.


EAE System

Another option we work with is the EAE system, composed of 2 layers of hydraulic elastic mortar that is interspersed with a glass reinforcement. The idea is that this component is properly integrated between the layers of mortar, achieving the perfect waterproofing of a cistern and complying with the stipulated safety standards.


E2 System


The third alternative we work with is this system which is based on 2 layers of hydraulic elastic mortar. It is characterized by being a liquid product, achieving an optimal level of adaptation.


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