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Torreblanca Terraces Complex

WORK: Terraces of Torreblanca. 2016
ADDRESS: Torreblanca del Sol (Fuengirola)

Torreblanca Terraces Complex


Landscaped roof waterproofing. Procedure:

Landscaped surface located above an underground car park. Under this garden and over the concrete floor there was an initial bituminous waterproofing of asphalt fabric. This waterproofing was deteriorated and degraded, with the result that water seeped into the car park, causing damage to the structure of the concrete, vehicles, pavement, etc. ….

1- Removal of all the soil, plants, grass and trees from the landscaped enclosure until reaching the base support using mini excavator machinery.
2- Removal of the bituminous waterproofing of asphalt fabric by mechanical means.
3- Milling of the mortar base support as it does not have the minimum resistance necessary for the installation of the liquid polyurethane membrane waterproofing system adhered to the support.
4- Washing with a hydrocleaner.
5- Primer with diluted SIKA LATEX and application of a base coat of mortar additivated with SIKA LATEX.
6- Installation of SIKADUR COMBIFLEX system in expansion joint. Composed by: Redo lips with structural mortar R4 SIKAMONOTOP 412 S. Introduction of SIKA JUNTA FONDO. Subsequent application of SIKAHYFLEX 250 FACADE at saturation. Installation of SIKADUR COMBIFLEX band adhered to the support with 2 layers of two-component epoxy resin SIKADUR 31 CF leaving the central joint alive.
7- Application of waterproofing system with liquid polyurethane membrane SIKAROOF MTC 18 (1.8 mm). Composed by: SIKALASTIC CONCRETE PRIMER + SIKALASTIC 601 BC + SIKA REEMAT PREMIUM + SIKALASTIC 621 TC.
Phase 1: TRAMEX testing of substrate moisture (not exceeding 4%) and dew point according to product technical specifications.
Phase 2: Application of SIKALASTIC CONCRETE PRIMER (consumption 0.13 Kg/m2 ) which is a two-component, fast curing, solvent-based polyurea primer.
Phase 3: Application of SIKALASTIC 601 BC, base layer for waterproofing roofs and planters in thickness 1.40 Kg/m2 + SIKA REEMAT PREMIUM thick fiberglass mesh, embedded with sikalastic 601.
Phase 4: To finish application of SIKALASTIC 621 TC as a sealing layer for waterproofing roofs and planters in thickness 1.60 Kg/m2.
8- Leak test of the system for 48 hours.
9- Installation of root protection and drainage system composed of high density polyethylene nodule membrane and SIKA LAM SD 8 polypropylene geotextile.
10- Installation of drainage pipes in drains.
11- Replacement of soil and plants and installation of automatic irrigation systems.