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Waterproofing services for cisterns with FPO sheets /RODRÍGUEZ ROS.

Do you need a company specialising in waterproofing for cisterns? For any related work in the area, you can trust in Rodríguez Ros. Our 35 years of experience will help you realise that we are the best option for you.

We waterproof cisterns with certified heat-sealed Sika FPO sheets for contact with drinking water as well as FPO sheets for water tanks with hypochlorite or other special substances.

We offer you a complete waterproofing service that adapts to your needs. Long-lasting and effective solutions for water storage.

Do you need quality waterproofing services for your water tank?.

 we waterproof cisterns with heat-sealed Sika FPO sheets.

We offer a specialised service in the waterproofing of cisterns with FPO in Malaga, designed to guarantee the protection and durability of these water storage systems. Our team of professionals is experienced in the treatment of heat-sealed FPO cisterns using appropriate techniques and materials to ensure optimum results.

From surface preparation to the application of specialist sealants and coatings, we take care of every aspect of the waterproofing process to ensure that your cistern is protected with Sika FPO laminates effectively and that they perform optimally.


At Rodríguez Ros, we have a professional team specialised in waterproofing works in the province. We use the highest quality materials, such as SIKA products, to guarantee optimum results in every project. Contact us and we will come to your location, determine the type of waterproofing you are looking for, and start managing the service as soon as possible.

We stand out for carrying out our waterproofing works in:

Why should you trust our cistern waterproofing services?

Our waterproofing service is prepared to adapt to any need the client may have. Just leave it in our hands. We will go to the place where you are, we will study what the problem is and we will offer you an interesting series of solutions so that, once you give us the “ok”, we can start working immediately.

For example, we work with  certified heat-sealed Sika FPO laminates for contact with drinking water .