Facade Paintwork and Coating

Facade Paintwork and Coating Rodríguez Ros

A facade is one of the essential elements of a building’s architectural design and must be both impermeable to water and able to provide thermal and noise insulation from the outside. Continuous exposure of facades to the elements and the action of rain, sun, freezing and contamination causes this type of surfaces to deteriorate easily.

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Experts in Exterior Coating and Painting

At Rodriguez Ros, as a company specializing in facade restoration, we consider these factors into account and select the ideal exterior coating for each type of surface.  In this way, not only the decorative-aesthetic aspect, but also the total protection of the walls. For this purpose, we apply coatings from the Sikacolor, Sikagard and Sikaguard range.

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Benefits of Quality Building Coatings

The coatings must offer the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof and permeable to water vapour allowing the support to inhale.
  • Durableswith great resistance to aging and weathering.
  • Facade cladding with covering power and capacity to maintain color.
  • Resistant to alkalis. Coatings and paints for Ecological facades.
  • High resistance to the diffusion of CO2, reducing the speed of concrete carbonation.
  • Prevent the formation of algae and other microorganisms (Anti-mildew).

Facade Safety

At Rodríguez Ros, as a company specializing in facade repair, we need to use specialized safety systems for workers. For the use of exterior paint on facades in many occasions it is necessary to install life lines and paint stripping.

Coating Waterproofing

As we areexperts in waterproofing, we also have a specialized service in waterproofing facades.

Vertical Painting Services

As an expert company in painting, we have painters in Malaga professionals who will carry out the vertical works of coating. We also offer painters in Marbella, Fuengirola, Cadiz, Sotogrande…

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