Vertical Works in Málaga

Specialized company in Vertical Works of Malaga

At Rodríguez Ros we offer very professional services that focus on the Rehabilitation and Restoration of Buildings and Façades. Among these services, one very important is the lifeline or waterproofing for vertical work in Malaga or work at heights.

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What are vertical works?

A vertical work is one that is performed at height and requires safety equipment such as safety harness, lifeline and all those fall arrest systems that form the vertical lifeline.

Safety at Heights

Safety at heights is fundamental and an essential point in Rodríguez Ros as stipulated in the Royal Decree 2177/2004. Any work at heights, no matter how complicated it may be, our team is prepared to face the job. It is for this reason that in Rodríguez Ros we apply the regulations for the prevention of occupational risks and the regulations that include fall arrest systems such as the lifelines and the UNE EN 795 standard.

Vertical Work Services in the Province of Malaga

Vertical works can be very diverse. Safety is the main issue when working at heights and verticals. At Rodríguez Ros we are specialists in Vertical Work in Málaga Fuengirola thanks to our professionals and the safety of Lux Top’s certified lifelines.

Vertical Works Budget in Málaga

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Where do we do vertical works?

In Rodríguez Ros we carry out the vertical works in the province of Málaga. Specifically, we usually perform our services in: Fuengirola, Marbella, Torremolinos, Benalmádena…

Life Lines Homologated for Vertical Works in Malaga

  • Horizontal Lifeline
  • Vertical Lifeline
  • Life Lines for work at heights 

Discover Rodríguez Ros, one of the leading vertical works companies in Málaga, the Costa del Sol and Andalusia.