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Sika – Trusted Systems

Sika – Trusted Systems

At Rodriguez Ros we are specialists in applying SIKA products for the restoration and rehabilitation of buildings, waterproofing and sealing of joints.

¿What is SIKA?

Mapa de Crecimiento de SIKA

Sika is a company and brand with a history of more than 100 years and is used in major projects around the world. A Swiss company that was founded in the city of Baar, very close to Zurich. It ended the year 2017 with 5.376 billion euros in sales of its products. This is almost 13% more than last year. As its slogan “Building Trust” says, it makes the reliability of its products a reference in construction, restoration and conservation in the building industry.

During the year 2017 and as its reports say, it has grown not only economically but also in its expansion around the world.

The systems of this company offer solutions to works and projects related to restoration and construction.

SIKA affiliates

The Swiss company has affiliates all over the world, so it is a well known and used brand. It is this confidence that has driven Rodriguez Ros to continue using the brand’s products for various tasks.

It is a company with a great track record and high quality. Its products include everything necessary for the realization of any restoration or rehabilitation.



Some of the most frequently used systems in our company are SikaFlex, SikaFloor or SikaThermocoat.

SikaFlex is a PU-based joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive.

As a sealant it is used for vertical and horizontal joints, gutter joints, and even sound insulation.

As a multi-purpose adhesive for bonding door and window frames, stairs, skirting boards, baseboards and much more.


SikaFloor is a low viscosity, easy to apply and good penetration resin. It is a flooring system, used as a primer and finish for concrete surfaces and cement coats.


SikaThermocoat is a system of thermal insulation on the outside, also known as SATE. Nowadays, a good insulation system can save up to 70% in energy costs for heating and air conditioning. The installation of thermal insulation on facades is used when a building is being renovated.

In addition to these products, we also use many others, such as Sika Top or Sika Monotop for repair and protection of concrete.

All of the products used have an exceptional quality that has been observed for many years.

SIKA Awards

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The Swiss multinational has awarded us the national Sika Awards. From 2009, when we were awarded “Best SIKA Construction Site 2009” and “Best SIKA Construction Site 2009 Facade Category“, to 2016 with the “Roofing Waterproofing” Award for the Hotel Palace in Madrid.

The confidence that our company places in the quality of its products is rewarded with these awards. That is why we will continue to trust the best company on the market.

Formation and homologation

In order to guarantee its products, SIKA trains and homologates its workers so that the work is of high quality. That is why at Rodríguez Ros we have the homologation to offer a quality service in rehabilitation and other works.

Rodríguez Ros Services

From Rodríguez Ros we offer a series of services that rehabilitate buildings and facades. For most of these services we use this system and the appropriate products. In addition to some of the services mentioned above, we also have building stripping, seismic isolators, facade cladding or technical inspection of buildings (ITE).