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Life Lines Regulation

Life Line Regulation

Every year, it is more evident that there is a need to provide workers with the best safety systems when performing their activities, especially in the most dangerous and accident-prone environments. One of these systems or measures are life lines; fall arrest systems with specific regulations, which are designed to protect the worker in the working environment at all times.

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Regulations on Safety Systems for Work at Height

Over the years, Spanish occupational risk prevention regulations have become particularly strict, especially in relation to work at heights, where lifelines are very important.

The minimum safety provisions are therefore set out in the regulations on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, which establish guidelines that serve to adequately regulate the installation and everything related to life lines in the various areas of work.

Life lines are specifically regulated in the UNE 795 standard, where the various types of life lines – especially horizontal or vertical – are indicated, as well as the requirements for the anchors, which are required to have a minimum resistance in order to be approved, and thus installed properly so that the worker does not run any risk when carrying out his function.

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Different Types of Life Lines

These anti-fall safety systems are of various types: horizontal or vertical, rigid or flexible, permanent or temporary. At the time of their installation, the life lines must fulfill some requirements or standards. For example, in the case of vertical lifelines “regulated by UNE-EN 353.½“, between the sliding device and the worker’s harness, the maximum length may not exceed 1 meter at any time. This standard regulates the system in its entirety.

Horizontal lifelines are regulated by the UNE-EN 795:2012 standard, regarding the various personal protection equipment available against falls. These anti-fall safety systems, such as Luxtop lifelines, are the most popular individual protection devices, as they are certified lifelines, complying with all current regulations regarding work risks, as well as the requirements necessary to guarantee the safety of workers at all times when carrying out their work in all types of scenarios that may present a certain risk.

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At Rodríguez Ros we follow the regulations and ensure the safety of our workers. We have experts in the installation of life lines in Andalusia. We have expert services related to the Rehabilitation of facades and buildings and many of them need the use and installation of different fall arrest systems such as