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Installation of Life Lines in Andalusia

We are Experts in Life Line Installation

When planning and installing the different safety systems and measures, it is always advisable to call the best professionals, especially when it comes to the installation of lifelines, where safety is the priority at any time, to ensure the welfare of the worker at all times whether in vertical work, work at height or decks. Companies such as Rodríguez Ros, who know how to install all types of lifelines, in accordance with the regulations and legislation in force regarding this type of fall arrest safety systems.

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Installation of a security system

For the assembly of lifelines in Malaga and Andalusia -one of the most widely used fall arrest systems- it is important that the responsible company has the necessary knowledge and experience in installing these safety systems.

For the installation of life lines to be properly completed, it is necessary that a suitable study is carried out beforehand, in which it is verified:

  • That they comply with all safety requirements
  • Fulfilment of the regulations of life lines in effect as for prevention of labour risks.

Legal guidelines that are becoming more and more demanding, because the safety of workers must be guaranteed at all times, when they are performing their work at certain heights, in which there may be an obvious risk of falling. The assembly of a fall protection system is very important, so it should only be done by companies and professionals with extensive experience such as Rodriguez Ros, experts in Building Rehabilitation.

Our Works of Installation of Life Lines

Installation of professional lifelines throughout Andalusia

When installing and installing any safety measure such as lifelines, it is important to have the best companies and professionals, as well as the best material, as is the case of the Luxtop brand, one of the best brands on the market, which already has extensive experience in everything related to professional fall arrest systems and different types of lifelines such as horizontal lifeline and vertical lifeline life.

Given the importance of setting up and installing lifelines with all the guarantees, in Spain it is essential to have the best specialised companies in the sector, with long experience in setting up all types of lifelines, installing only certified lifelines. The company responsible for the assembly of life lines must meet all safety requirements and comply with all current legislation on safety at heights while working.

Life Lines Installation Budget

In Rodríguez Ros we are experts in the installation of life lines in Malaga and all Andalusia. In addition, we have services related to the restoration and rehabilitation of facades and buildings such as: