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Waterproofing of Roofs with Solar Support

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It is increasingly seen how there is a special interest and great awareness on the part of many people and companies, in resorting to renewable energy, safe and economical, in their homes, facilities and businesses. One of these renewable energies is undoubtedly solar; an energy that has convinced many people for its efficiency, for being a green and renewable energy, and for being clearly an investment in the future.

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This has motivated that before the great demand of installation of roofs with solar support, there are companies like Rodriguez Ros that have specialized, not only in the installation of solar panels and photovoltaic panels, but also in the waterproofing of roofs when it comes to the installation of this type of panels. The reason for this is that when installing solar panels on the roof, one of the main problems that appear over time is the risk of leaks and leaks before an erroneous waterproofing.

Best choice for solar panel fastening

When the installation and fixing of solar panels is required, it is advisable to resort to the best professionals who apply the most appropriate procedures and installations for each particular case. From Rodríguez Ros, company specialized in restoration of buildings and facades, we use SIKA products.

Sika Solar Mount

Sika SolarMount is currently one of the best options and systems for the installation of rigid photovoltaic panels on flat roofs, because they are really aerodynamic and light.

What makes the installation of this Sika SolarMount system for solar panels interesting is the Sika Solar Click fastening, which increases waterproofing by reducing water stagnation considerably. This is achieved efficiently, as it is specifically manufactured with a special injection moulding, using the same materials as the Sika membranes. This helps to ensure that chemical compatibility is perfect in the contact area, so that no extra protective or separating layers are required, which do not insulate from water properly.

Information Waterproofing solar panel installation

Professionalism and Safety in the Placement of Solar Panels


When planning the installation of solar panels on flat roofs, it is important, apart from the systems to be used, to guarantee the safety of workers at all times, applying a sound policy in the prevention of risks at work. One of the most correct ways of doing this is to use only the best safety systems, such as lifelines – both vertical and horizontal – in work at heights. Only a few companies, including Rodríguez Ros, know which types of lifelines are the best and most appropriate for each case.

The installation of solar panels and photovoltaic panels on roofs should only be done by professional companies that know how to apply the best procedures and systems of security and installation. Given the growing demand for installation of solar panels in many places, we recommend that you request a quote to ensure maximum professionalism and safety in all phases of the installation of solar panels, from the fixing of solar panels, to the proper waterproofing of roofs with the best systems and the most comprehensive guarantees, to avoid probable problems in the future such as annoying leaks.

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Waterproofing is one of our main services. Roof waterproofing involves expert and professional work with the best materials. From Rodríguez Ros we offer a professional service for different types of waterproofing.