What is Sikafloor?

What is Sikafloor?

Sika floor is a product that is used as a surface hardener. By applying this floor primer, the floor acquires an optimal wear resistance.

The fact is that there are different types of Sikafloor: some are recommended for use on ramps, in loading or unloading areas, warehouses, workshops, transport terminals, indoors or outdoors, etc.

At Rodríguez Ros, we are experts in Sika floor. We use this type of product following the established protocol and adapting to the needs of all our customers.

Expertos en SIKA

Sistema de imprimación Sika que seguimos en Rodríguez ROS

Before applying Sika Floor to flooring or concrete, we will carry out a thorough check to ensure that the substrate is clean. It must be free of moisture and sufficiently porous to ensure that the primer will adhere.

Depending on the type of floor to be treated, and its thickness, we will use a different machine to help us do the job.

Diamond polishing machine


We use it for those jobs where the concrete has a fine finish with a surface porosity.


Milling machine


This tool is used to remove paint or various residues. When using this machine on concrete floors or other materials, a new floor must be installed so that the marks it leaves are not visible.


Shotblasting machine


Machine that hits the ground causing the surface layer of the concrete to wear away. It is a good option when the area to be treated is quite large.


Sikafloor Information

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Rodriguez Ros and SIKA Floor

When identifying the type of flooring, we will take into account some variables such as the chemical formulation, the flooring system to be installed… and we will also consider the type of resin to be installed.

We always opt for a quality brand, such as Sika, when shaping this type of primer. And, of course, it relies on Rodríguez Ros for this work.