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Waterproofing of pavements

Water leaks in buildings are one of the most common construction problems. They are more serious than they seem, and not always easy to detect: they will manifest themselves in the form of dampness that can cause major health problems, affect the thermal efficiency of the building, lead to devaluation, and can even cause serious structural defects.

However, there are also other elements that must be correctly waterproofed, as is the case with flooring. A pavement that allows the passage of humidity can reduce its useful life in a very important way.

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For this reason, it is crucial to have experts specialized in waterproofing pavements, as is the case with Rodriguez Ros. They offer these services throughout the province of Malaga. They also specialize in other types of coatings

The importance of hiring a good pavement waterproofing service

Water and humidity is lethal in the pavement. It will infiltrate the soil to the point where the damage may be irreparable. The longer it takes to hire a waterproofing service, the more it will cost to repair

Pavement Waterproofing Information

Always bet on a quality company to solve the problem.

At Rodriguez Ros they are experts in industrial flooring. They will carry out a previous study of the floor to determine that the client’s choice is adjusted to what he really needs.

They will prepare the surface, apply the most suitable technique and/or product and wait until the floor is ready to check that it meets the conditions. In order to check that the industrial waterproofing is optimal, the most common thing they do is a waterproofing test.

Trust Rodriguez Ros, a company specialized in waterproofing in Malaga in case you need to treat a problem of pavement, or if you need any other service of waterproofing.