Epoxy resin industrial pavements/floorings

Epoxy resin industrial pavements/floorings Rodríguez Ros

Rodríguez Ros has a highly trained and qualified technical team of applicators who bring ample experience in the application of Sika continuos epoxy resin pavement/flooring for any type of industry and building construction project. Rodríguez Ros is a Sika-approved Applicator for the application of epoxy seamless pavement/flooring in basements, parking lots, terraces, shopping malls, industrial sites and garages, and decorative pavements in shops and homes in addition to sporting paved surfaces and paved surfaces for the food industry.

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Epoxy resin industrial pavements/floorings

 Self-levelling epoxy rasin pavements and floorings, multilayer anti-slip pavements/floorings, food industry certified epoxy rasin pavements/floorings, conductive seamless pavements/floorings. When applying seamless pavement/flooring, it is very important to verify that the support surface-concrete interface is clean, free of contamination, grout and water and sufficiently porous so as to warrant an optimal adherence of the new paving or flooring system. Mechanical preparation is the most recommended method and is carried out using machinery that demolishes the base surface, using diamond bits, cutting tools or steel shot peening. Based on the pavement or flooring system to be used and its thickness, different machines may be used that can achieve a level of roughness that is adequate for the new type of pavement/flooring.

Diamond mill – polisher: It is a machine that has a plate at its base to which different types of abrasives, stones, bits or diamond discs may be attached. It is suitable for paintwork using epoxy resin where the concrete is given a fine finish that is porous at its surface and suitable for epoxy resin. Mill: A machine that contains a drum lined with bits or toothed pinions that abrade or grind the floor. Suitable for removing existing paint or resin where maximum grinding action is needed to guarantee the adherence of the new pavement. As a result of the greater grinding action, a pavement or flooring that fully covers the marks of the grinding produced must be installed afterward. It is not recommended for paintwork or low thickness seamless pavement/flooring, as the abrading marks can be seen. Shot peening machine: this machine uses steel balls that strike the ground and wear the concrete’s surface layer. It features and electromagnet that recovers the balls for reuse. It is attached to a turbine that absorbs the dust particles of the concrete that come out of the impact caused by the balls. It does not generate any dust. Its use is recommended in all types of installations, particularly in the case of extensive areas, as it is fast and allows for regulating the degree of roughness obtained.

Type of Pavement/flooring

To determine the type of the most adequate seamless pavement/flooring for each case, all of the variables of the characteristics of the area at hand must be considered, both physical, end use, cleaning system, finishing, etc. The following can then be determined based on said variables:

  • The type of chemical formula: epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate.
  • The pavement/flooring system to be installed: paint, self-levelling, multi-layer, mortar

With respect to the type of resin to use, the most important factor to bear in mind include:

  • Type and condition of the support surface or medium
  • Use of the area subject to treatment.
  • Type of traffic.
  • Chemical attack.
  • Temperature of cleaning or spilled products.
  • If the pavement/flooring is exposed to the sun or not.

Storage, logistics and sales areas

Dry production and manipulation areas

Wet production and manipulation areas

Production and handling areas, with extreme exposure combining wet conditions, chemical agents, temperature and abrasion:

Clean areas

Electronics related industries

Research centers

ESD and conductive areas

Above ground and underground parking lots

Roof parking lots and exposed areas

Commercial and public buildings and residential areas. Decorative flooring systems

Commercial and public buildings. Comfort flooring systems

Commercial, Residential and Institutional areas. Balconies and stairways

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