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How to fix humidity in Málaga

Acting as soon as possible against dampness in the home or in businesses can prevent major structural damage. In addition, it would also create a perfect habitat for the growth of bacteria, which would represent risks for people similar to those of an allergy (sneezing, irritations, poor health, it could even lead to fever or respiratory problems of various kinds).

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How to fix a humid wall?

Possible solutions

Mold usually appears if ventilation is not adequate. Be sure to open windows long enough to prevent humidity build-up.

Hanging clothes inside the home will increase the humidity as the water evaporates. This could also increase or cause the problem.

Some methods of how to repair a wall with humidity suggest turning on the heating to end it. However, this, far from working, only causes the opposite effect.

If the problem is serious, we will have to treat it with specific products to neutralize the mold, preventing it from continuing to expand.

They are also products that enter into the solutions for humidity at home.

Information about fixing humidity in Málaga

However, all the above solutions need to be applied with caution and at the right time, to avoid making the problem even worse.

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