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Roof Waterproofing

At Rodriguez Ros we specialize in waterproofing roofs throughout the province of Malaga. We have many years of experience in the sector and a large amount of work with optimal results in terms of waterproofing services in Malaga.

We offer all the guarantees: in case you need to waterproof the roof, the terrace or the cover, getting a completely waterproof surface to avoid water filtration, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can take care of the service.

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Waterproofing of roofs and ceilings

No more worrying about the rainy days of autumn or winter, or any other time of the year. We are experts in waterproofing, able to offer you a good solution in case you have leaks, dampness or damage in your home.

Dampness is a very common problem in certain houses where there are problems with leaks. They are also common in very cold areas, which do not have much ventilation, or where the sun rarely shines. We offer a service of waterproofing of dampness, to avoid this problem. If it is not solved in time, they could spread and not only affect the wall, but also could produce important health problems.

Waterproofing Information Roofs

We specialize in waterproofing roofs with polyurethane, as well as other materials. We are also dedicated to waterproofing uralite or waterproofing sheet metal or flat roofs.

With our extensive experience in the service of waterproofing roofs in Malaga we can determine the best process in your situation. We will recommend different materials and we will be able to make a completely customized budget that will adjust to the different situations of each client.

So you know, if you are looking for the best in roof waterproofing, at Rodriguez Ros we can find the solution to the most common leaks.