Waterproofing Málaga

Waterproofing Málaga

In Rodríguez Ros we are a company with more than 45 years of experience and professionalism in the sector of restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and facades. For this, we have numerous quality services.

Throughout this post we will talk about waterproofing in Malaga and our technical waterproofing service.

Waterproofing service Malaga and Andalusia

At Rodríguez Ros we have a professional squad to carry out waterproofing works throughout Andalusia. For this we use the best materials, SIKA products for waterproofing.

SIKA waterproofer

Logo SikaSIKA is a company that manufactures quality and contemporary building products and materials. Thanks to research and development, the company has developed innovative products, more resistant, durable, with quality and secure materials.

Sistemas Sikalastic MTC

The Sikalastic product consists of a liquid membrane made of polyurethane. The liquid membrane system with MTC technology is very durable and has a great resistance. It is designed to give a very professional result. From the Sikalastic MTC range we find:

  • Sikalastic-601 BC

  • Sikalastic-621 TC

  • Sika Reemat Premium

  • SikaConcrete Primer

  • Sika Reemat Standard

Sikaplan PVC

It consists of a PVC membrane intended for use in areas exposed to high temperatures and is fire resistant. It is a product with a 10 year guarantee.

These are some of the most important products that we use in the waterproofing Malaga and all Andalusia.

Membrane Sarnafil FPO

This type of membrane is very resistant and lasts longer than PVC, so it has a minimum guarantee of 20 years. Among its characteristics it is worth mentioning the great resistance to fire. A good use of this polyolefin membrane allows high energy savings. This membrane is an idea for waterproofing roofs.

Impermeabilización Técnica
Technical Waterproofing

Where do we do waterproofing?

At Rodríguez Ros we provide our restoration services for buildings and roofs throughout Andalusia. Specifically, we usually perform our waterproofing services in:

  • Waterproofing Málaga

  • Waterproofing Fuengirola

  • Waterproofing Marbella

As for the waterproofing works that we perform we highlight the waterproofing of terraces, roofs, in buildings of communities of neighbors, waterproofing for hotels …

Types of Waterproofing

Asphalt Fabric vs Liquid Polyurethane Membrane Sika

The main problem we find in many buildings is poor waterproofing. Normally the way of waterproofing was using bituminous sheets or asphalt fabric due to its economic price but it is not the best material for this task.

The asphalt fabric, with the passage of time returns to give problems due to the loss of properties. It is a material that in the medium or long term begins to give problems of impermeability. The main problem with asphalt cloth is that it behaves badly with temperature changes. The loss of properties of the asphalt fabric makes it not the best quality option to use in waterproofing. Therefore, in Rodriguez Ros we use materials of higher quality, durable and with better results as is the liquid polyurethane membrane MTC SIKA. If you need a professional and high quality waterproofing the best solution is the use of Liquid Membrane with MTC technology.

In definite, we realize tasks of waterproofing for::

  • Viewed roofs
  • Waterproofing of landscaped roofs and planters

  • Covers for road traffic

  • Waterproofing of heavy-duty protective covers
  • Metallic covers
  • Waterproofing of asphalt fabrics

Impermeabilización de Cubierta de Piscina y Jardin

Rodríguez Ros, waterproofing Málaga


In Rodríguez Ros we make a budget of reform without commitment for waterproofing or any service of rehabilitation or restoration of facades or buildings. Put yourself in expert hands either for a community of neighbors or individual.