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Waterproofing Roofs Málaga

At Rodriguez Ros we specialize in roof waterproofing services in Malaga. We have a great experience in the sector, carrying out professional waterproofing on all types of roofs, even with solar panels.

Our pillars are the commitment, the maximum quality and an experience that will mark the difference in front of other entities that are dedicated to the same thing.

We offer all the guarantees in waterproofing of roofs and we use the best techniques to adapt to the wishes of any type of client.

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The importance of having a good waterproofing service

An optimum waterproofing not only makes the building much more resistant to the passage of time, but also gives it a better appearance, as well as raising the level of security.

A very common mistake is to wait for the problem to occur in order to find a solution: that is to say, to wait for the rain and for the water to filter, so that the dreaded leak that can give way to humidity is formed.

In this case, you can count on our building rehabilitation service, although with a good waterproofing from the beginning you could have saved a lot of time and money.

A small failure in the waterproofing of the building may not seem very important, but, in the long run, it could produce some of the following problems

Information Waterproofing Roofs Malaga

  • Aesthetic damage: If water penetrates into the structure, this could produce an anti-aesthetic damage that is difficult to repair.
  • Structural problems: This type of problem is difficult to detect until it is too late. If the water is able to penetrate in the concrete structures, in a wood structure, or metallic, could get to produce oxidations, to appear fungi among other damages.
  • Personal damage: As we have already seen, water filtration could lead to fungi and these could produce respiratory problems for all those living in the home.

To avoid all this, choose our roof waterproofing system; we specialize in any of them, even those with solar support.

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