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3. Restructuring of Concrete and Structural Reinforcements

The Rodriguez Ros Company specializes in the repair and protection of reinforced concrete. For a correct repair and protection of the concrete, we rely on the 11 Principles in the UNE-EN 1504, part 9. This allows the technicians of Rodriguez Ros the correct repair and protection of all the potential damages that arise in the structures of reinforced concrete. These Standards define the evaluation and diagnostic work required, the necessary products and systems including their behavior, alternative procedures and application methods, together with the quality control of materials and works. To do this, an auscultation is carried out by evaluating the existing damages. In the evaluation of the state and the resistant behavior of a structure, Rodriguez Ros makes a meticulous observation and diagnosis of the existing damages: State of cracking. Degradation of materials: carbonation, chemical attacks, sediments, efflorescence, etc. Corrosion, coke. Abnormalities: supports, joints, excessive deformations. We use several techniques for the analysis: Sclerometric index or rebound index UNE 83-307-86. UNE 83-308-86 ultrasound step speed. Pull-off test. To determine the carbonation index of the concrete, a carbonation depth test is carried out by spraying an in-situ concrete fracture surface with a 1% phenolphthalein solution in 70% ethyl alcohol. The area of ​​the non-carbonated concrete, with high ph, suffers a change in its color appearing a very visible magenta hue. So the carbonated zone can be detected as that area that, after spraying, remains with an invariable color. The turn occurs for ph lower than 9.2. In turn, at Rodriguez Ros we have extensive experience in reinforcements of structures through systems of carbon fiber sheets Sika Carbodur and Sikawrap carbon fiber fabric that we put at the service of our Clients. These systems are lightweight and allow an installation on the structure very quickly. The reinforcement of structures using carbon fiber sheets is very used for the structural reinforcement to bending or cutting of beams, floors, pillars, etc … considerably increasing the safety coefficients and bearing capacity of the elements of the structure with a minimum contribution of carbon fiber.