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Apartment in Calle Sevilla de Málaga

ADDRESS: Calle Sevilla (Málaga)

Apartment en Calle Sevilla



Structural reinforcement in a house in Malaga with the following procedure:

Reinforcement cleaning: Removal of rust from the reinforcements with mechanical brushing with a steel spike grinder.

Application of a repair system based on cementitious mortars that follow the UNE-EN 1504 standard (a standard that includes the methodology and systems for repairing concrete structures):

– Passivation of reinforcement: SIKA MONOTOP 910.

– Application of an adhesion bridge: SIKA MONOTOP 910.

– Application of a structural repair mortar R4: SIKA MONOTOP 412 S.

Verification with TRAMEX of the humidity of the support (it cannot exceed 4%) and the dew point according to the technical specifications of the product.

Application of epoxy resin of two components SIKADUR 30 on support for surface leveling, later application of SIKADUR 30 on sheets of carbon fiber for the installation of the sheet of carbon fiber SIKA CARBODUR on the support to reinforce, installation of sheet of carbon fiber SIKA CARBODUR E 512.