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Structural restoration of terrace decks

WORK: Olimpo 2
ADDRESS: Fuengirola
ADMINISTRATION: Rodrigo Jodar Administraciones

Structural restoration of terrace decks


How to rehabilitate a terrace of integral form solving the structural problems of the concrete and problems of water filtrations:

Treatment of forged reinforcements with coating of three components of anti-corrosion epoxy resin and adherence layer for the concrete reinforcements: Sika Top Armatec 110 Epocem.
Rehabilitation of terrace slabs with Sika Rep 434 + Sika Rep 512 micro-concrete.
Installation of new reinforcement with Sika Anchorfix 2 epoxy resin.
Structural reinforcement of terraces with sheets of carbon fibre Sika Carbodur 512 adhered with Sikadur 30.
Waterproofing of terraces with Sikalastic 612 (2 – 2.3 mm) ETAG 005 polyurethane liquid membrane. 2.84 kg/m2.
Terrace flooring with Sika Ceram 201 porcelain tile adhesive.