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Solving water filtration problems

Water filtration problems can be due to many reasons. The feared leaks can occur at any time, and it is advisable to act as soon as possible. The most common is when a large amount of water accumulates on the roof, and this may be because waterproof sheets are missing which should be present on the roof.

It is common to find on the net many problems of the type I have water filtrations due to roof waterproofing problems, and many of the people who write them make the mistake of looking for a solution too late.

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Water leaks and filtrations can affect mortars and resins, contributing to their progressive deterioration and the appearance of humidity problems. The humidity in the environment increases and, if the level of water that accumulates is disproportionate, the problem could become so serious that the room is completely flooded.

If all of this happens, sooner or later we will see humidity due to water filtration. The wall of our homes and offices is not water-repellent, which means that water can make a hole in it by penetrating the wall of the house. This penetration could occur through a crack or cracks and, in turn, could produce more cracks.

As experts in waterproofing, we can solve the problem.

Water filtration solution information

Waterproofing experts in Malaga

Our waterproofing company will act in the areas of the province of Malaga where normally humidity appears by filtration (such as in roofs, basements, windows, terraces, facades or in breaks of water pipes). With all our experience in repairing dampness by filtration, we guarantee that we will find the origin of the problem and give you a solution before the matter becomes complicated.

Water leaks on the wall are not something that can be left for later. Contact us and you won’t have anything to worry about. We will take care of fixing any kind of humidity.