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Solutions for humidity at home

Dampness due to water filtration in Malaga is a problem that can occur due to adverse weather, lack of ventilation, the presence of poor quality materials or poor waterproofing, among other agents.

It is important to fix dampness in the home, as it is very unsightly, uncomfortable and harmful to our health. The presence of any type of damp in a room can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, mites, dust and bad odours. The symptoms of humidity by filtration are similar to those of an allergy: sneezing, irritation in the nasal cavities, general bad feeling, even respiratory problems and fevers.

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Experts in humidity and waterproofing in the province of Malaga

To solve humidity problems in the home there are some home remedies that can have a certain effectiveness: promoting good ventilation (opening the windows), avoiding hanging out clothes inside the home and forgetting to turn on the heating to end the humidity (it does the opposite effect), are other interesting solutions. This way it is possible to improve the humidities by filtration if they are very slight.

However, the real solutions for humidity at home in Malaga can only be provided by a company that specialises in this type of service, such as Rodriguez Ros. We offer a specialized service in the elimination of humidity and waterproofing in Malaga.

Information Solutions humidity at home

We offer you a complete waterproofing service in which we focus on finding the cause of the moisture first. Once we have it clear, we will solve the problem and then move on to do the same with the humidity itself.

Removing humidity from the interior walls of homes can be a somewhat tedious task, but in our company, thanks to our extensive experience, we can give you the best possible service.