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How to maintain lifelines correctly

Lifelines are part of the fall protection systems, being systems that are prepared to prevent falls of workers who carry out work at great heights.

When installing a lifeline, it is important to be clear that not only is a good installation going to be important, but that lifeline maintenance, and regular inspections, could prevent more than one problem.

It will be necessary to ensure that the product has passed all the tests and simulations in laboratories, as well as that it complies with the regulations in question (such as the Une en 795).

At Rodríguez Ros we have an installation service for fall arrest systems such as lifelines, for installations and works. We also offer a maintenance service for these safety systems, to check that everything is in order.

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How to review lifelines

If the operator has to use an unfamiliar lifeline, it is normal for him to have doubts as to whether it is a safe instrument.

For this reason, the lifeline regulations stipulate that the equipment must have a sign indicating that it has been checked, as well as an indication of when the next check is due to take place.

It will be observed that the line is in perfect condition; for example, if there are any scratches, abrasions, knocks, pinches, as well as any anomalous element in the cable. It does not matter if the check has a “pass” rating and there is still plenty of time before the next one; if anything untoward is detected, it should be dealt with immediately, before the lifeline is used.

Lifelines Information

  • According to EN 795 C, the inspection must be carried out at least once every 12 months. The manufacturer may never reduce this type of inspection.
  • The system must also be inspected after it has been put into service.
  • Of course, both the installation and maintenance of lifelines must be carried out by companies that have been accredited by the manufacturer.

If any part of the system is found to be deformed or damaged for any reason, it is crucial that it is replaced. In addition, a prior check must be made to determine the reason for the deformation (for example, if it has been caused by a fall or extreme conditions).

At Rodríguez Ros we take care of maintaining the lifelines to avoid any problems with them.