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Life Line Maintenance

Lifelines are necessary for operators to carry out their work in a safe and efficient manner, preventing falls and accidents at work. At Rodríguez Ros they offer the installation service throughout Andalusia.

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The importance of good maintenance

We must bear in mind that mistakes are made in all sectors. However, in the installation of lifelines, a single mistake can mean a person’s life. For this reason, the mission of these professionals is to eliminate bad practices and to ensure that everything flows as it should in the work at heights.

If you are thinking of installing a lifeline and do not have the necessary experience, it is necessary to go to a specialized company so that they can advise and help you, like Rodriguez Ros. Keep in mind that what matters, in addition to their extensive experience, is maintaining the safety of the workers.

It is necessary that all types of lifelines are approved, that is, certified by the manufacturer, obtaining all the information and documentation on the safety measures that must be complied with during the development of the work.

Life Line Maintenance Information

Care and maintenance

In order to comply with the Law on the prevention of labour risks, it is necessary that all the safety material is always in good condition, whether it is the lifelines or the anchors. To achieve this, regular maintenance including cleaning must be carried out.

In the case that a sliding carriage is used, in addition to cleaning it, it will also be necessary to fix it to the steel cable and, if it is seen to begin to have corrosion, twists or knots, remove them and check if it continues to work as it did on the first day.

If, unfortunately, an accident has occurred, all the elements that have lost their effectiveness must be replaced by others that do their job and take all the necessary safety measures.

Carry out tests with lifelines


There are devices or test systems that allow you to check the strength of the anchors and the lifelines. In this way, it will be easier than ever to check the traction they have and whether you have the safety measures to save the lives of the workers.