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Waterproofing of roofs

A good roof waterproofing is crucial to keep your house in good condition. Water filtration can cause different types of damage to any property: it could degenerate into the proliferation of fungi, insect pests, even affecting the structure.

It is important to entrust the task of waterproofing roofs to a company specialising in the sector, such as Rodriguez Ros. We are experts in this type of service, especially in waterproofing roofs in Malaga.

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What exactly is roof waterproofing and why is it so important in the home?

When we talk about waterproofing services, we refer to those techniques that are carried out with the aim of preventing water in a property (such as a house or office).

The proliferation of humidity and all the damage related to it is avoided. It also helps to protect our personal belongings inside the property, even our health (fungi could cause respiratory problems, among others).

  • Reinforces the foundation: The structure of the foundation will be much more solid.
  • Increases the value of the house: Investing in waterproofing a roof is an investment in the house itself, and we will contribute to increasing its value.
  • It improves the quality of life of the residents: We will avoid any possible agent that may cause damage to the health of all those who live in the home.
  • Prevents a wide range of damage: Water damage could affect our home in different ways, such as decomposing wooden structures, corroding metals, swelling plaster plates, causing electrical risks that could lead to a short circuit, causing blisters and deterioration of paintwork, decomposing carpets, and so on.
  • It improves the aesthetics of the home: In addition, it also contributes to making our home much more comfortable, as well as attractive.

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Now that you are more aware of the advantages of this service, trust Rodríguez Ros, a leading company in roof waterproofing in Malaga, to carry it out.