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Before working with industrial flooring it is vitally important to consider the design material, to be clear about whether it is the best choice based on the intended use. We will determine the strength, the substrate, as well as the aesthetic component.

Epoxy resin may be what you have been looking for.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin flooring is designed with thermosetting polymers that, when combined and mixed with a catalyst, produce a tough, durable and waterproof type of material. It is able to withstand temperatures up to 70°C and also maintains good waterproofing, even in extreme conditions. It is used both in the industrial field, as well as at a private level, in neighbourhood communities (for example, in building renovation projects).

Quotation for waterproofing pavement

What are the advantages of epoxy resin?

  • It is very resistant: it is highly resistant to abrasion, is a good thermal insulator and is protected against other external factors. Compared to other materials, such as concrete, its advantages are more than obvious. If you opt for a quality resin, such as Sika epoxy resin, the resistance will be even greater.
  • Low maintenance: it is easy to maintain, as it accumulates less dust than other materials. It does not emit any odour, which avoids intoxication and/or allergies.
  • Safety: it is a fireproof material, which prevents fire from being generated. In addition, as it repels moisture from the environment, it is also non-slip, preventing us from falling.
  • Aesthetics: it can be used to form different designs with many forms of finish. They can even give 3D shapes on the paving.