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Life Lines for Solar Panel Roof Maintenance

Life Line Installation Experts

One of the main concerns of many professional companies when starting the rehabilitation or restoration of buildings and facades, is to install all possible security systems that facilitate the work of their workers. Anchorage systems specially designed to safeguard the physical integrity of the operator at all times. These anchoring systems are popularly known as life lines, and are currently used in all types of places where there may be a risk to the safety of the worker.

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Main security measures

Currently there are different types of life lines; these anchoring systems can be rigid or flexible, horizontal or vertical, temporary or permanent, as defined by the regulations. Systems that are perfectly adapted to the type of building or construction on which they are going to intervene. Today it is one of the most important security systems for building restoration. The life lines for working at heights represent the main anchorage system that every worker must have, in order to carry out their work in the safest way possible, whether for the rehabilitation of facades, the waterproofing of roofs or for the maintenance of roofs with solar panels.

Para asegurar que el montaje de líneas de vida se realice de la manera más correcta, es necesario contar con las mejores empresas del sector como Rodríguez Ros, que cuenten con una adecuada política de prevención de riesgos laborales, además que tengan una larga experiencia y bagaje en la instalación de líneas de vida, tanto en el mantenimiento industrial, de fábricas y edificios, así cuando se requiere el mantenimiento de cubiertas con panel solar u otro tipo de situaciones. Estas líneas de vida mantienen en todo momento, al trabajador, anclado a un sistema de seguridad de lo más efectivo.

To ensure that the installation of life lines is carried out in the most appropriate way, it is necessary to have the best companies in the sector such as Rodriguez Ros, which have an appropriate policy of prevention of risks at work, as well as having a long experience and background in the installation of life lines, both in industrial maintenance, factories and buildings, as well as when it is required the maintenance of roofs with solar panels or other situations. These life lines keep the worker at all times, anchored to a safety system as effective as possible.

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Installations of Rodriguez Ros Life Lines

Having the best company in the sector

When the intervention of a professional company like Rodriguez Ros is required for the installation of life lines for tasks such as maintenance of roofs with solar panels, it is necessary to have professionals who offer all the guarantees in their services. Thus, for example, only the best companies of sector like us, offer the best systems of the market, like the system Sika of specific waterproofing for facilities of photovoltaic. A system that contributes only the most reliable solutions for any type of cover; from a plastic membrane of FPO, PVC, or a liquid membrane of polyurethane. Sika is one of the systems that offers more guarantees in the installation and maintenance of all type of covers.