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Exterior façade paint

Which is the best paint for the exterior? How to choose the right paint for façades? What should we take into account? Although it may seem simple, choosing one or another paint to restore the façade of a building is no easy task. For this reason, at Rodríguez Ros we have prepared this mini-guide so that you can choose, with all the guarantees, the paint that will embellish and protect your façade for years to come.

The importance of choosing the right paint for your facade.

Pintura para fachadas exteriores

The façade, the skin of the building, is one of the principal elements of the building, and without doubt the one we most want to take care of so that the impression of seeing it from the outside is a good one

Because of its exposure to the exterior, the weather and how it is affected, it is necessary to choose the right paint for the façade. This will have to respond to a series of characteristics to protect the building in a lasting way. It is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of protection, economics and even regulations;

Façade painting is only one part, but an important part of the correct maintenance of exterior surfaces..

It is therefore necessary to periodically renew the paint on our facade before it begins to deteriorate due to the impact of atmospheric agents and the passage of time;

What characteristics should exterior paint have?

The facade paint should meet the following conditions:

  • Protect the building’s constructive materials, mainly from humidity, cracks and fissures.
  • Be designed to withstand weathering without colour change or cracking for at least 10 years.
  • Be resistant to water, UV rays, mould, algae, dirt, temperature changes without cracking, and vapour permeable.
  • Have a high covering and elastic power and act as a “barrier effect”.
  • That the anchorage – adhesion is adequate.
  • Some paints even offer thermal or acoustic insulation.

What should we take into account when painting a façade?

It is just as important to choose the right paint colour to coat your facade as it is to determine the surface texture and rely on the right paint. Not choosing the right paint is a waste of time, money and effort;

The first thing to analyse before opting for one exterior paint or another is whether we are going to paint a new or old façade, and in what condition it is in. In both cases, it will be necessary to carry out preliminary work, making sure that the wall is clean and dry, and if there are cracks and fissures, repair them

Depending on the weather zone, the climate where we live, we will look for a paint that is more or less waterproof or resistant to UV rays.

Calculating the surface of our facade is key to know the litres and quantity of paint we are going to need. The paint yield tells us how many square metres we can paint with one litre of paint. This information can be consulted in the technical data sheet of the product can.

The more adhesion to the substrate, the less it will crack and the less you will have to apply a primer coat beforehand;

In addition, the higher the coverage, the better the performance of the paint. This type of paint is more expensive, but saves on labour and material and lasts longer;

elegir una buena pintura para tu fachada

Coatings that extend the life of the paint on the facade by around a decade should be used. This is the most cost-effective in the medium to long term

Aesthetic aspects must also be taken into account, which is why colour is a key factor in our cladding;

Another crucial element of painting a facade is to choose the optimal time: not too hot, not too rainy and not too windy, that would be the perfect day;

Quality is the virtue. Both in the hand of the professional and in the choice of paint. Spending just a little more today will allow you to spend a lot less tomorrow.

And a word of warning: if you have leftover interior paint, do NOT use it for the exterior. They lack the additives that improve their waterproofing, sun and pollution resistance.

Undoubtedly, facade painting, more than in the interior of the buildings, lends itself to have professionals who know first hand the types of exterior paint on the market and which is the most suitable for your facade. In short: the correct technique on the prepared substrate and by a painter who knows what he is doing.

Types of façade paint

There are different types of exterior paints, which are distinguished and chosen according to their composition and performance (durability, resistance, quality, etc.).

  • Acrylic & Plastic: Plastic and acrylic paints are very similar. The difference lies in the resins that make acrylics more weather resistant, but also more expensive. Among the acrylics, there are acrylics that last for several years (1 to 3 years or 5 to 10 years), depending on their weather resistance. They are easy to apply, water-based, and the most commonly used.
  • Pliolite paints: Made of synthetic rubber, they have a great penetration capacity and provide optimum adhesion, saving the previous primer coat, and are extraordinarily resistant in dry climates. They offer up to 12 years of durability.
  • Elastomeric coating and elastic paint: They are ideal for exteriors that need to cover small fissures or cracks, as well as to protect from small dampness. Suitable for plaster, concrete, brick and plaster.
  • Silicone resin paint: They create a microporous film that prevents the absorption of rainwater on the outside. It is also very effective in eliminating damp inside the wall. This paint can be opaque and in different colours, or it can be transparent coatings, which are widely used to protect exposed brick, stone and concrete walls. Silicone-based paints are one of the options to be taken into account in the rehabilitation of façades.
  • Silicate paint: This is a durable mineral-based paint, which, due to its matt finish, is predominantly used on buildings of historical-artistic interest and old blocks, as well as for brick and concrete walls. It is also used on walls with moisture problems;
  • Siloxane paints: They guarantee an extraordinary durability of 15 years, and are designed to be used on facades exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as very humid climates. They are waterproof, mildew-proof, water-repellent and self-cleaning in the rain.

As an example, here you can see the waterproof finish coating, with the application of two coats of SikaColor-671 W in two colours, which we use in some of our works. This product, which provides waterproof and decorative protection, is formulated with acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, specially designed to develop smooth finishes. The acrylic nature of this coating gives it a high resistance in marine environments, making it very effective when choosing the paint for the rehabilitation of facades in Malaga and the Costa del Sol..

Your reliable company for the rehabilitation of façades

And all this would not be possible without an experienced company behind it;

In Rodriguez Ros we have the value that gives us having executed numerous projects of rehabilitation of facades and buildings in Malaga  the Costa del Sol. It is our best guarantee as a reference in waterproofing and painting of facades, as well as work at height, the implantation of Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems (SATE), projected mortar in buildings, construction of swimming pools and reforms, etc. 

If you are thinking of painting the facades of your building and you want to have a personalised quote, without obligation, and advice at the moment, contact us.