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Safety in working at height

The performance of certain tasks always requires the adoption of maximum safety measures, especially when working at height. Watching over the integrity of the employees in carrying out their functions is always an obsession for Rodríguez Ros, who after several decades of experience in the building rehabilitation sector, has always ensured that the most demanding safety measures are implemented in work at height.

For this type of intervention on building facades, it is always necessary to resort to the equipment necessary for working at heights – the one that is carried out at more than 1.8 metres from the ground – such as lifelines, helmets, harnesses or suitable clothing, as well as to adopt the recommendations and procedures that are required by law in terms of occupational hazards. European guidelines and regulations such as those contained in EN 353 for vertical lifelines, or EN 795 for horizontal lifelines.

Información trabajos en altura

Specialised service for the safety of work at height

Given the potential risks of this type of work, it is always advisable to have a specialised service for the safety of work at height, with fall arrest systems, and horizontal and vertical lifelines. Measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the employee while working at height, which must always have their corresponding personal protection equipment or PPE, especially when vertical lifelines must be used.

Experts in building rehabilitation in Málaga

The company Rodriguez Ros from Malaga offers a great professionalism and quality in its works, fruit of the great experience accumulated during these years in the rehabilitation of buildings in the Andalusian province. Professional services to rehabilitate and adapt each building, not only in its exterior aspect but also in its interior, with an appropriate waterproofing work.

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