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5. Lifelines and Fall Protection Systems

Rodriguez Ros is an installer of lifelines and anti-fall systems to perform work at heights without risk to the operators given mandatory by law to install a collective or individual security system on decks, buildings, structures, etc … Rodriguez Ros is approved by LUX-top for the installer of lifelines and anti-fall systems. We advise property, construction, engineering, architecture, etc … on the need and obligation by law to install a collective or individual security system on roofs, buildings, structures, buildings in rehabilitation processes, etc … to perform these operations of maintenance and other works in height without danger for the operators that access these surfaces. To avoid this danger, there are solutions certified and approved by law that guarantee the safety of the operarios.All LUX-top products that Rodriguez Ros installs, are suitable for use in marine environment because they are manufactured in stainless steel in qualities AISI 316 in the cable and AISI 304 in the supports and accessories. They are certified by the prestigious European quality institute DEKRA. These systems are manufactured in Luxembourg and have been created to ensure safe work at height with personal protective equipment (PPE). All LUX-top systems comply with the current UNE regulations in the field of occupational risk prevention according to the UNE- standard. EN795 Rodriguez Ros has resolved from the factory the waterproofing systems of the lifeline fixings to avoid problems of water leaks in the different supports where they are installed. Rodriguez Ros installs fall protection systems and offers integral solutions in security systems: we carry out planning, assembly and maintenance in all the processes in which height safety and life of people are at stake. Different systems can be installed: lifelines EN-795 class C, anchor points ENE-795 class A and B, life lines per rail EN 795 class D.