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Rehabilitation of Pool and Terraces in a house in La Zagaleta

WORK: Rehabilitacion de Piscina y Terrazas en una vivienda de la Zagaleta
ADDRESS: La Zagaleta (Benahavis)
CLIENT: La Zagaleta


  1. Demolition of swimming pool, jacuzzi and terrace
  2. Installation of the high-performance joint sealing system at 90 degree angles called SIKADUR COMBIFLEX bonded to the concrete with SIKADUR 31 epoxy resin. SIKADUR COMBIFLEX is a flexible, waterproof FPO membrane that allows movement in more than one direction while maintaining a high-quality seal.
  3. Waterproofing of swimming pools and jacuzzis with SIKATOP 209: Application of the two-component flexible waterproofing mortar SIKATOP 209 to the entire pool and jacuzzi tank to prevent water infiltration into the interior. Subsequent installation of Gresite: The following process is to install the stoneware with high performance cementitious adhesive with high deformability Class S1 SIKACERAM-252 STARFLEX. Subsequent application of grout with SIKA CERAM CLEANGROUT and SIKACERAM LATEXGROUT additives.
  4. Installation of plumbing system and LED luminance of the brand name ‘Astral’.
  5. Terrace waterproofing with Sika systems: Priming with SIKAFLOOR 161 which is a 100% two-component epoxy resin. First layer of SIKALASTIC 612 embedded with the SIKAREEMAT glass fibre reinforcement mesh. SIKALASTIC 612 is a continuous waterproof liquid polyurethane membrane for cold application and moisture curing. Application of the second layer of SIKALASTIC 612. Application of the third layer of SIKALASTIC 612 with SIKADUR 510 sand for better adhesion of the cement-glue mortar and protection of the liquid membrane against alkaline cement