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Maintenance of solar panels in Málaga

Solar panels are a sustainable investment for the future, but like any technology, they are subject to potential failures. In this article, we will look at the most common solar panel faults and how to resolve them to ensure optimum performance.

Maintaining and repairing your solar installation

Regular maintenance is essential to preserve the efficiency of your solar thermal installation. From cleaning the panels to checking the main components, find out the crucial steps to keep your system in optimal condition and extend its service life. Also, find out about the repair services we offer to solve any problems efficiently.

Comprehensive professional cleaning services for companies and individuals

At Rodriguez Ros, we understand that proper maintenance goes beyond technical repairs. We offer comprehensive professional cleaning services for companies and individuals with solar installations. Keep your panels in optimum condition with our specialised team and make sure that every ray of sunlight gets the most out of them.

How should you maintain your solar panels?

Preventive maintenance is key to maximising the efficiency of your solar panels. We’ll explain step by step how to carry out effective maintenance, from cleaning to monitoring performance. Follow these practical tips to ensure the continued efficient operation of your solar system.

How is a solar park inspection carried out?

For larger solar parks, regular inspections are essential. Discover the processes and protocols involved in a solar farm inspection, from assessing individual panels to monitoring overall performance. A proper inspection can prevent future problems and maximise energy production.