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Horizontal lifeline

What is a horizontal lifeline?

A horizontal lifeline can be defined as an anti-fall anchorage system that can be found in areas where there is a risk of a fall. Its function is to provide protection to a team when it is moving around and to facilitate access for different types of work.

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¿Para qué se utilizan?

Although it is most common to find approved lifelines installed to save falls, it can also be done to avoid them, thus calling them “fall restraint“.

The important thing before proceeding to install them is to calculate the minimum distance that must exist so that the fall can be saved, stopping at a shorter distance.

Horizontal life line: Types

Two types of lifelines can be found:

1) Flexible lifelines – EN 795 C

This lifeline installation is made to work in suspension. The materials with which these products have been manufactured are metal or ropes that allow the impact generated in the event of a fall to be reduced to a minimum.

Depending on the type of fall, the life line acts by stretching and making the majority of the load move to the ends, protecting the life of the person.

However, if they are flexible, the calculation to be made should not be standard, but rather a generic one that can be used in different cases, as long as the minimum distance that must exist for the fall to be stopped is stipulated. In this way, it is possible to make sense of the standard for life lines, as set out in EN 795.

Information on horizontal lifelines

2) Rigid lifelines – EN 795 D

This type of lifeline is very different from the previous ones: if there is an impact, doesn’t generate flexion, which means that its mode of action is completely different.

As a rule, these lifelines are the most used, because

  • As there is no bending, the minimum free distance is reduced.
  • Both the anchors and the ends generate fewer loads.
  • More people can be anchored at the same time.

A horizontal lifeline is a necessary tool for all work that is done at a high height and there may be a risk of falling. LuxTop is a supplier that can help you achieve your goals.