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ETC, new building safety obligations

DB SUA, Seguridad de utilización y accesibilidad¿Qué es el DB SUA?

Cuando hablamos de DB SUA nos referimos al un Documento Básico (DB) cuyo principal objetivo es el de establecer procedimientos y reglas para cumplir las exigencias básicas de Seguridad de Utilización y Accesibilidad (SUA).

What is the Technical Building Code?CTE - Technical Building Code

The CTE or Technical Building Code is the regulatory framework which establishes the requirements that buildings should meet with regard to the basic safety and habitability requirements established in Law 38/1999 of 5 November 1999, the Law on Building Regulation (LOE).

CTE Recommendations on Safety Elements in Building Tasks

It seems that the General Council of Technical Architecture, through its Secretary General, has added in the Basic Document (DB SUA) of the Technical Building Code (CTE) a clear paragraph where designers are obliged to use safety elements.

The section alludes to and makes it obligatory to resolve, from the design and execution of the works, the safety elements for allmaintenance, inspection and repair work on buildings. Among the safety elements recommended, the life-lineis the most important.

CTE commentary on safety

Línea de vida Tipo DThe purpose of this commentary is to remind designers of their obligation to bear in mind the general principles of health and safety prevention in the design process..

also makes a clear reference to the design and obligatory use of protective elements that guarantee safety in tasks such as inspection or maintenance of roofs. It is specified for personnel specialised in maintenance, inspection, repair… as it was not previously contemplated.

It also recalls the safety obligation reflected in the Royal Decree 1627/1997 of 24 October. It establishes minimum safety and health provisions in construction works and the obligation for designers to consider the principles of health and safety at work.
Línea de vida tipo C

Decks must be designed and fitted with the necessary elements for protection systems such as lifelines..

Importance of the Lifeline at Rodriguez Ros

One of our main services at Rodriguez Ros is Life Lines.


What is the Lifeline?

A Lifeline is a fall safety system. This system, the Lifeline, allows work to be carried out at height without the risk of the worker falling.

The fall arrest systems or lifeline that we offer at Rodriguez Ros are of the highest quality. We have the LuxTop products, specialists in fall arrest systems.

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