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6. Installations of hot water equipment with low electrical consumption

Rodriguez Ros is an installer and official distributor of thermodynamic solar energy equipment for the production of domestic hot water with low electricity consumption. We offer a system for obtaining hot water by thermodynamics, with a saving of up to 80% compared to another type of system such as gas oil or gas boilers, electric water heaters, conventional solar panels, etc … They are different from conventional solar panels since they heat the water even when it is cloudy, at night, with rain or even with snow and throughout the year. It works by means of a coolant fluid at low temperature circulating inside the thermodynamic panel. This fluid captures the incident solar radiation in the panel as well as the environmental energy. The temperature difference caused by external agents such as sun, rain or wind ensures that the fluid evaporates. The compressor sucks this hot gas and compresses it, raising its temperature and pressure. The fluid enters the condenser, formed by a coil that surrounds the reservoir (food safety), where energy is transmitted from the fluid to the water inside. At high pressure and after having given much of its heat to the condenser, the cooling fluid reaches the expansion valve again in liquid phase. Here undergoes a reduction of pressure which makes the fluid is able to enter the panels again. The compressor of the equipment only consumes electricity when there is a demand for considerable hot water to lower the programmed temperature of the tank, basically when we use the hot water of the house. The rest of the time the hot water is kept inside thanks to the special insulation that covers it.