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We are often asked how to install ridge tiles on a roof. This is a rather delicate operation that should be carried out by professionals.

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We must bear in mind that ridge tiles are a key part of a roof that must be installed properly. But not only that, it is a complex job where safety is of the utmost importance.

Whether it is ridge tiles for a tiled roof or a sandwich panel ridge, which are very popular nowadays, we are talking about work at height.

It is therefore necessary to have experts in lifelines to ensure that we will not have any problems.Elements for safely climbing ridge tiles on roofs

Elements for safely climbing ridge tiles on roofs

For this type of work at height, such as the installation of ridge tiles, we must have fall arrest systems at height. The workers climb equipped with lifelines that have been installed and that ensure that there are no problems of any kind. In addition, the workers are provided with specifically designed epis to ensure the greatest possible safety during the actual work.

Anchor points are also used where the professional climbing on the roof can be anchored at all times, ensuring that any mishaps that may occur are as safe as possible. These types of safety systems must be provided by leading companies in the occupational safety sector. In our case, having a supplier such as Lux Top is without doubt a guarantee that everything will go as it should.

Experts in height safety

When carrying out this type of work, it is ideal to hire experts in height safety systems that allow us to carry out the work of rehabilitating buildings or installing ridge caps in a completely safe manner. When the professional who is carrying out the work knows that he can count on the safety provided by the safety systems of companies such as Lux Top, the professional works with peace of mind. In this way, the professional can focus on carrying out the ridge tile installation work and do it as efficiently as possible.