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Ventilated Facade Rodríguez Ros

Rodríguez Ros is a specialist for ventilated facades in Málaga and the whole province. We professionally assemble the ventilated facade system thanks to the professionals who are part of the Rodríguez Ros team, specialists in facade renovation.

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What is a ventilated facade?

The ventilated or trasventilated facade is a system of enclosure or coating of facades composed of a ventilated chamber in the middle of the structure that allows air to circulate and used in Rodríguez Ros. This type of facade provides great thermal and environmental advantages.

It is a type of facade cladding suitable for all buildings or facades whose wall can support the installation. The ventilated façade is installed in a special structure created for this type of façade. For its installation, it is essential to carry out a good waterproofing work. The plates that form the ventilated facade installed in the structure can be made of different materials such as: ceramics, stone, wood…

Ventilated Facade Quotation

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Types of Ventilated Facades

Within the ventilated façade companies, Rodríguez Ros is one of the referents of the province of Málaga. and offers the following types of exterior coatings depending on the materials for ventilated facades:

Ventilated Stone Facade

Ventilated Glass Facades

Ventilated Wood Facade

Composite Panel Ventilated Facade

Ventilated Ceramic Facade

Advantages of the Trasventilated facade

The ventilated facade is an system increasingly used by architects and builders thanks to the advantages of this type of exterior coating. As assemblers and installers of ventilated facades , some of the main advantages are:

  • It’s visually very attractive.
  • The quality is one of its principal characteristics.
  • It allows us a energy saving.
  • No construction work is required to change the tiles or materials that form the ventilated facade.
  • Very good acoustic and thermal isolator.
  • Great impermeability.
  • It doesn’t need hardly any care because one of its qualities is self-cleaning thanks to rain and other factors.

Attaching the facade panels

The attachment of the types of materials mentioned and which are used for the installation of ventilated facades can be by using:

  • Chemical fixation
  • Mechanics
  • Fixing on guides
  • Aluminium structure

Price Ventilated Facades

When a user is looking for a ventilated facade price, he needs to know how much budget he needs to perform the installation or assembly of a ventilated facade system. That is why we make available our contact section to make a quote.

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and in the whole province of Málaga.